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Richard G.


Al C Rich, the founder of ACR Solar International, was a pioneer in the solar industry. He put a solar powered reindeer display on the Reagan White House in 1987.

Al has four patents to his name in solar hot water technology. They are much more efficient than solar electric panels at capturing the sun's energy, grabbing about 85% compared to solar electric's 15%, so the energy savings are waaaay better than solar electric, and the combo of both is the ideal

Heather J.


We had Deirdre come out and give us an estimate for solar. She was very personable and professional. She was able to answer all of our questions and knew about all current rebates. We will definitely be recommending Deirdre as she wasn't a pushy salesman. She actually listens and cares about her customers.






Brad S.


Al Rich put a thermal system on my roof last month and it is working perfect.  Install was fast even though my house was a difficult one for them.  Collector is running at 160F and the water heater is not coming on anymore at all!  The $1500 SMUD rebate came already and the $1560 Federal Rebate got me to where I only paid for half the system!  Even the SMUD guy said "we almost never see problems with Al's systems."  I calculated a $445 per year savings on my SMUD bill- that's a 4.5 year payback before I am making money...



Stanley M.


Great Family Owned Solar Installer Company, No Contractor, Well Trained Real Employees.

Both my dad and I had choose Aaron as sale man that he really know his stuff. Last June, in single day, 3 installers had finished their work without in hurry. Whole thing was tested on the same day. No the next day later, Sac. Co. Inspector has stopped by to inspected this job. He is strict, hard to pass. After he had inspected the whole work with smile on his face; it passes in flying color. Because of very high demand in, go solar, is blasted on TV ads, SMUD was so back-logged. 10 more days later, SMUD had installed net smart KW. meter. I had generated just over 800KW. per month, is great saving on electricity plus it's GREEN-POWERED.

We are a Better Business Bureau “A+” Accredited Solar Energy Business

Dedicated to Saving You Money and Helping the Environment

ACR Solar International Corp. cares deeply about each customer.  Each Solar Electric, Solar Water Heating and Solar Pool Heating project we do is custom and carefully designed to meet the needs of our customer at the very lowest price we can offer and still give the high level of service we provide.

Our company has very low turnover, in fact, almost every member of our Employee Owner team has worked with us for over 7 years.  This is longer than most solar companies have been in business! That is one reason we are a Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited Business.

As our customer, you join the ACR Solar family. You can have complete confidence that we will do our utmost to give you a great solar system and follow-up service you can count on.

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About our Founder and President: Al Rich, went into the solar business in 1979 determined to provide the highest level of Quality, Value, and Integrity to his customers.  This tradition continues today. Al is a Nationally Recognized solar expert, consultant, and DOE Award Winning solar Inventor with 4 Patents. He has been featured in the “Bee” Business Section, the Business Journal’s “Streetwise” section, ABC’s Extreme Makeover – Home Edition, History Channel’s Modern Marvels, Discovery Channel’s WASTED!, ABC Channel 10 News, and others.

Coming Soon, Al’s 4th Patent: The Exciting “MegaMat” PVT, Combo Pool Heater and PV Power Booster.