Prestigious Partnerships

Solar Brands We Carry in Northern California

Trusted Brands

At ACR Solar, we are proud to work with some of the best brands in the world. All of the companies we work with offer excellent products. Look below to learn more about our brands.

We Work With the Most Reputable Brands on the Market

silfab solar logo


Silfab is the largest automated solar manufacturer in North America and they are an industry leader. When you purchase a Silfab solar module you can expect the following benefits:

• More power and a smaller footprint
• 30-year performance guarantee and 25-year product warranty
• High-quality products
• American manufacturing

solaria logo


Solaria is known for effectively using all the space for energy production, resulting in 20 percent more energy per square meter. If you choose a Solaria system you will receive:

• Higher energy in less space
• An attractive surface that improves curb appeal
• 25-year warranty
• Durable system

enphase logo


Enphase has eliminated moving parts from their systems, making them more reliable. You also get the following benefits when you work with Enphase:

• High durability
• Little to no maintenance
• 25-year warranty
• Built-in temperature control

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