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The Truth About What is Really Important When Purchasing a Solar Electric System:

ACR Solar has been hearing a lot of disinformation on the Radio lately about solar electric panels. Of the most misleading is the idea that one particular brand of panel is much “better” than another. It is not the panel that matters, but rather the power output of the solar system as a whole that matters.

Similar to the rules and regulations on the Automobile and Aviation industry, Solar panels are subject to very strict quality controls. All California Energy Commission approved panels will be performing well past 25 years from now. Virtually all panels are performance warranted for 25 years, a very long time.

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The things that are important regarding the purchase of a solar electric system are:

  1. The Installed Cost Per DC Watt
  2. The Quality of the Installation
  3. The Optimization and Monitoring of the System

Panels that put out more power per square foot cost is higher than lower output panels, we carry both.

If a company claims they have a panel that will last longer or produce more that 100% of the panels rated energy production, they are misleading you.

A more important question is, “How many years has your company been in solar, are your installers in house, or subcontracted, and are they paid by the job or by the hour?” Many years in solar, in house and caring installers that are paid by the hour, result in a much higher quality installation than slam bang paid by the job installations.

About the Author:

ACR Solar started in the solar business in 1979 determined to provide the highest level of Quality, Value, and Integrity to our customers. This tradition continues today. Our company owner, Al Rich is known Nationally as a leading solar expert, consultant, and DOE Award Winning Solar Inventor with many US Patents. Al has been featured in the "Bee" Business Section, the Business Journal's "Streetwise" section, ABC's Extreme Makeover - Home Edition, History Channel's Modern Marvels, Discovery Channel's WASTED!, ABC Channel 10 News, and others. ACR Solar International Corporation also manufactures the award winning “Skyline” solar water heating collectors and systems. It expertly installs solar electric, solar water heating, and pool heating systems, and was awarded as the 9th Fastest Growing Company in in the Sacramento Region for 2016. You can have complete confidence in ACR Solar and we look forward to serving you with the best values in the industry.

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