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Our History

Early Solar Festival

Al Rich's 1969 Dodge Van which served as his Traveling Home, Sales Vehicle and Installation Vehicle throughout New England

New Alchemy Institute Solar Water Heater
Al Rich designed and installed this passive, Freon 114 powered, solar water heater and installed it at the Cape Cod New Alchemy Institute so the farm workers could get a hot shower when the left the fields.
Early Electric car and solar display
Sears Solar American Solar King Truck and Installation

Al Rich was the General Manager of Sears Solar American Solar King which was the top producing of 12 divisions across the country. 

Solar Display on roof of SEIA Headquarters

Solar Display on roof of SEIA Headquarters in Washington DC assembled by Al Rich's company, AC-Rich&Sun.  Al rich is in foreground.

Early Pool Heating Installation
Challenging Ground Mount Pool Installation using Al's 1969 Dodge van as the Installation Vehicle
GM "SunRaycer"
Al's solar display behind the GM "SunRaycer" Solar Electric car that transversed Australia
Al Rich's "The Solar Doctor" Display at DOE

Al Rich's "The Solar Doctor" Solar Water Heating Display at DOE getting a lot of attention from Private, and Government Dignitaries.

Prototype Skylite Water Heater

Al Rich Proudly pointing to his first Patented solar water heating collector on his home

United States DOE Display in front of the Smithsonian
Al Rich's solar PV pumped &  solar water heating display next to the SEIA Solar Electric Generator
Victory Roof Dance for First "Tilt Kit" Slylite Installation
Al's "Tilt Kit" Skylite Installation was an industry first by having the collector fully skirted for an attractive appearance. Image attached
First Habitat for Humanity installation
We were excited to contribute e Solar Water Heating System to Habitat For Humanity, it is a wonderful organization that we work with to this day.
Al Rich and Actor Tommy Smothers
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