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First-Rate Solar Panels

At ACR Solar, we primarily use the sleek, high performance, all black, Silfab solar panels. They are an attractive all black panel with an industry leading 30 year performance Warranty. Our team of solar specialists know exactly how and where to install your panels so that you get the most out of your panels.

Install Before 2023 to Receive a 26% Tax Credit!

Benefits of Working With Us

  • At ACR Solar, we are committed to providing our customers with Premium high Quality products and installations.

  • We have our own professional, courteous, installation teams that sweat the details on your installation.

  • We offer flexible, $0 up front solar financing options

  • Complete, responsive, 25 Year system Limited Warranty

  • Easy to use 24/7 desktop, smartphone, and tablet, monitoring

  • Once you install an ACR Solar System, you become our solar family and we will be there for you for many years to come with our famous friendly customer service.

Benefits of Green Energy

Solar energy systems have many benefits both for the environment and for the homeowner.

  • Monthly Savings on your utility bill.

  • You may qualify for 26% Federal Tax Credit.

  • Increased Home Value and Ease of Sale

  • Significantly Reduced Carbon Footprint

Now Is the Time

  • The full 26% Federal Tax credit goes down to 22% in 2023.

  • If you live in the Northern California area, now is the best time to install a new solar electric system.

  • On March 1, 2022 SMUD is instituting NEM (net Energy Metering) 2.0 which will only pay 7.4 cents per kWh you put into the grid and they are adding a $475 fee to go solar.

  • PG&E is looking to pass new NEM 3.0 fees that would greatly increase the costs solar power. To get the maximum benefit, you should install sooner rather than later.

  • To work with our team and save money while helping make the world a healthier, cleaner, place for future generations, call us at 916-481-7200.

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