Green Energy Solutions

Solar Electric Power in California

First-Rate Solar Panels

At ACR Solar, we use patented designs to make our solar panels more effective than any others. We also have a team of specialists who know exactly how and where to install your panels so that you get the most out of your panels. We’ll set you up to power your entire house and get off of the grid.

Our System Will Save You About $130 a Month

Benefits of Green Energy

Solar energy systems reduce your carbon footprint, which is a huge benefit for the environment. However, there are many other benefits to solar energy. An efficient system will save you money on utility bills and it qualifies you for a 30 percent tax credit, and it boosts your home’s property value.

Now Is the Time

If you live in the Sacramento area, now is the best time to install a new solar electric system. The Sacramento Municipal Utility District is looking to pass new fees that could potentially increase the costs solar power. To get the maximum benefit, you should install sooner rather than later.

Our Solar Electric System

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