Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Skyline Solar Water Heaters, Better by Design

A Unique, Attractive Design

While there are many solar water heaters on the market, ACR Solar’s Patented “Skyline” Collector uses an aesthetically pleasing low profile design that sets it above the rest. Other solar heating collectors weigh up to 160 pounds, but our Powerful collectors weigh only 19 and 38 pounds. The Skyline collectors come in 26 architectural colors to match your roof.

Our Products Come With a 20 Year Limited Warranty

Money-Saving Benefits

The initial investment you put into a “100% Run by the Sun” Skyline solar water heater to replace an electric water heater can pay for itself faster than you think! If you are on Natural Gas or Propane you will save money and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Skyline solar water heaters qualify for the Federal 26% tax credit.

Designed and Manufactured Locally

We are proud to be a local solar manufacturing company that sources and builds our Patented products right here in Carmichael California. Our Systems are Certified by the National “Solar Rating and Certification Corporation” (SRCC). You can trust that our 100% Freeze Protected systems are built to exact specifications and installed by ACR Solar Installers from your own community.

Join the Millions of Solar Water Heating Owners around the World, Install a Skyline water heating system to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

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